f your flight ticket or an additional service you have paid for has been cancelled due to Avies, you can apply for refund filling the refund application.

After filling the application with required information, send the application to e-mail address: regular(at)

If you purchased the flight ticket or the additional service from a travel agent, please contact them for the refund.

If you paid for your flight or the additional service using a credit card, the fare will be refunded to the credit card you used. Otherwise, the refund will be credited to your bank account. Avies will refund airfares within 30 working days upon receiving the application. Refunds due to cancelled flights will be processed within 30 days upon receiving the application.


All claims shall be sent to e-mail address regular (at), latest 30 days after completion of the journey. All such letters will be answered within 10 working days.