Baggage rules & Special baggage

Each passenger is entitled to a checked baggage allowance of  total 15 kg without extra charge (5kg hand luggage).  Some items are not included in the standard allowance. Checked baggage exceeding standard allowance will be subject to a charge of 3€ per extra kg and single journey. The maximum weight for checked baggage is 32 kg per item.

Passengers are allowed to carry one piece of cabin baggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg, measuring not more than 45x35x20 cm . In addition, passengers are allowed to carry one personal item, e.g. handbag, umbrella or a bag containing tax-free merchandise. Portable computers, cameras and other valuables should be carried as cabin baggage and should not be checked in.

We recommend that you pre- packed stroller.

Infants (up to 2 years without own seat) are entitled to 10 kg checked baggage allowance.(stroller included)

Special baggage

Articles such as golf bags and skis are not included in the standard allowance. Transportation of such articles are subject to an extra charge per article and single journey. These articles must be packed separately containing only one article per package. Concerning the operator’s economic liability, these articles are considered as luggage in the event of damage or loss.

Additional fees (one way):

  • Excess luggage (kg): 3 €
  • Pet in cabin: 20 €
  • Skis: 20 €
  • Golf bag, max 15 kg: 20 €

Maximum weight for golf bag is 15 kg and maximum one golf bag is allowed to carry per flight.

Maximum two pairs of ski sets are allowed to carry per flight. Exceptions can be made if considering every flight’s actual load and balance sheet, decision will be made by the Captain of the aircraft.

Ski equipment must be packed separately and only one set of ski equipment is allowed per ski bag. One ski equipment consists of 1 pair of skis and 1 pair of poles. Ski equipment and golf bag must be pre-booked at AVIES Call Center.


AVIES can accept the transportation of hunting guns only in limited quantity, depending from the configuration of the aircraft, but the permission must be obtained strictly in advance when making a booking and written confirmation received from AVIES.Please send the request to Mon-Fri 9-17 (Estonian time). Hunting gun must be packed separately from the ammunition according to ICAO Technical Instruction and IATA Regulation and carried only as checked luggage. Passenger must make sure to present at request all necessary documents.

Hunting gun is considered as special luggage and charged 20€ per one-way journey. We advise that such bookings are better to make via AVIES Callcenter or call us directly +372 6301382.

Liquids and prohibited articles

EU regulations limit the amount of liquid, creams, jellies and sprays in hand luggage.

Liquids in hand luggage should be packed in containers up to 100 ml. The containers shall fit comfortably in one transparent, resealable plastic bag that doesn’t exceed 1 litre. Plastic bags are available at the security check.

Liquids for medical purposes and special dietary requirements, including baby food, needed during the trip is also allowed during the trip. Goods purchased after the screening point is not affected by these EU-regulations.

Liquids purchased after the screening point can be carried in your hand luggage if traveling from an airport in Sweden and Estonia.

Please keep in mind that the liquid regulations may change. Visit Swedish Civil Aviation Authority for more information.

Without prejudice to applicable safety rules, passengers are not permitted to carry the following articles into security restricted areas and on board an aircraft.

Electronic cigarettes (including e-cigars, e-pipes, other personal vaporizers) containing batteries, must be individually protected to prevent accidental activation.

Electronic cigarettes including e-cigars and other personal vaporizers containing batteries when carried by passengers or crew for personal use must be in carry-on baggage only. Recharging of these devices and/or batteries on board the aircraft is not permitted and the passenger/crew member must take measures to prevent accidental activation. Spare batteries must be individually protected to prevent short  circuits by placement in the original retail packaging or by otherwise insulating terminals, e.g. by taping over exposed terminals or placing each battery in a separate plastic bag or protective pouch, and carried in carry-on baggage only. In addition, lithium batteries are subject to the following conditions:

Each installed or spare battery must not exceed:

1.for lithium metal or lithium alloy batteries, a lithium content of not more than 2g; or

2.for lithium ion batteries, a watt-hour rating of not more than 100 Wh.

Prohibited articles in hand luggage:

  • guns, firearms, weapons and bullets
  • pointed/edged weapons and sharp objects
  • blunt instruments
  • explosives and flammable substances
  • chemical and toxic substances

Prohibited articles in both checked and hand luggage:

  • More information you find here

Baggage liability

AVIES liability is limited as far as damage, delay and loss of luggage is concerned, unless an extra charge has been paid in advance to cover the higher declared value. In such cases, a document to prove the value of the item should be presented upon check-in. Luggage is declared lost if not traced after 21 days of passenger arriving to the airport of destination. Maximum 1000 SDR’s, Special Drawing Rights, will be reimbursed for lost luggage. The final sum is decided after a declaration of the luggage contents has been presented to AVIES Head Office, e-mail info (at) . AVIES will reimburse a maximum weight of 20 kg, unless presenting a document declaring higher valued items.

Damaged luggage must be presented and reported to the arrival airport immediately after arrival. AVIES takes no responsibility for missing/damaged medicine, computers, bottles, keys, valuable papers, valuable tools and other valuables checked in as luggage. Luggage should only contain clothes, toilet requisites and other harmless articles needed for the passenger’s journey.