We recommend that all passengers are checked in well in advance of the scheduled flight.

Check-in opens 40 minutes and closes 25 minutes before departure on AVIES domestic and international flights in Kärdla. Check in opens 1,5 hours and closes 30 minutes before departure on AVIES domestic and international flights in Tallinn, Kuressaare, Arlanda . If you arrive at check-in after closing time your ticket is considered used. No refund is allowed at that time and it is not possible to re-book to another flight.

AVIES is a ticketless airline or issues electronic tickets. At check-in you must present your booking reference and a valid ID document (passport or ID-card, on domestic flights also drivers licence). If you are unable to show a valid ID-card on your booked flight, check-in will not be allowed and your ticket is considered used.

During check-in your baggage will be weighted. Passengers are entitled to carry 15 kg each luggage in the aircraft hold . Excess baggage will be charged at check-in, if the aircraft weight and balance sheet allows. AVIES will not accept responsibility for poor packing, easily damaged luggage (e.g. computers, cameras and similar fragile articles), jewellery, keys and other valuables. Scratches on luggage, normal wear or water damage on luggage which is not watertight will not be compensated by AVIES.

Departure Tallinn, Kuressaare, Arlanda, Kärdla
Check-in opening 1,5 hour before flight. 40 minutes before flight.
Check-in closed 30 minutes before flight. 25 minutes before flight.

Security and ID

ll passengers must be able to present a valid passport or a Government approved identification document (with a photograph) at check-in.

All passengers must be able to prove their identity by presenting a valid ID-card upon request at any time during their journey. Parents or guardians must prove identity of their children if they are below 18 years of age.

Unaccompanied minors (below 12 years of age) unable to present their own passports or ID-documents should be accompanied by parent/guardian with a valid ID-document.

Children 12 years or older may travel alone provided they hold a valid ID-card. However, the child is not allowed to act as adult company for a younger child until he/she is 16 years of age.

AVIES has the right to refuse carriage of passengers that are unable to prove their identity, no compensation will be provided.